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Don't hassle with spreadsheets to keep up with locations, equipment, and fleets. Track all your owned and leased assets in a single, easy-to-use platform.


Know what you owe
Easily track your lease expenses, rent escalations, % rent, sublease income, and other payments.


Never late for a critical date
Create automated reminders for option renewals, expiring leases, and recurring maintenance.


Details, details, details
Avoid data overload and quickly locate key clauses, options, and provisions in your contracts.


Docs (not) in the box
Upload and organize lease agreements, insurance certificates, floor plans, and more.


Zero degrees of separation
Store details about your landlords, brokers, attorneys, and everyone else you need to contact. 


On top of the world
Achieve total visibility across your portfolio using our powerful yet simple dashboard.


The more the merrier
Eliminate data silos by inviting colleagues to sign up and quickly access the info they need.


Nothing to install or worry about
Your data is protected using enterprise-grade security features through Google Cloud. 


GAAP compliance for lease accounting
Easily comply with the upcoming ASC 842 changes using our automated reporting.
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About Us

We're a group of folks passionate about helping retailers* become smarter about their locations. It's challenging to stay on top of everything behind the scenes, like paying rent, renewing leases, and maintaining equipment. And that's just for existing locations, not to mention managing site selection and development.

We'd argue that one of a retailer's most important assets (and certainly most expensive!) is its portfolio of physical addresses. Our goal is to build well-designed technology to help retailers better understand, manage, and optimize their locations.

*We think about "retail" as any company that operates consumer-facing locations. This category includes restaurant, pharmacy, convenience, financial services, grocery, healthcare, auto, fitness... you get the idea.