Retailers face many challenges in today’s competitive marketplace and few companies are capable of helping organizations navigate this landscape. Our team consists of some of the best real estate technologists, business strategists, and digital marketing minds in the business – so we can think about your retail business holistically.  Our technology, combined with data and business intelligence, will change the way you make decisions…and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

This is the future of retail.

Blitzn LLC is a SaaS that provides executive management solutions designed to aggregate data and automate business activity using built-in lease and property administration, project management, portfolio optimization, workflow, collaboration, lease accounting and reporting features.  Blitzn was recently spun-off from Fischer, a leading global exclusive corporate occupier services firm known for its many long standing Fortune 500 clients where these solutions are already installed. 

A Customer-First Focus

At Blitzn, we are on a tenacious pursuit to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver the insights, tools and technology to give them a competitive edge. That pursuit has led us to develop astonishing technological tools, processes that deliver consistent and near-perfect results, and a shared attitude among our people to work harder, smarter, and as long as it takes. 

Continuous Enhancements and Innovation

We never rest. Our goal is to always provide the best retail services and technology solution on the market.  As a result, we are constantly investing in and evolving our software and growing our people, infusing everything we do with modern technology trends and industry best-practices.

A True Retail Real Estate Market Understanding

Blitzn understands the challenges associated with managing all aspects of a modern retail real estate portfolio. Our team’s nearly 30 years of real estate and technology experience give us a comprehensive understanding of the market and what’s required to successfully make your retail portfolio a strategic asset.