To address the unique and highly strategic needs of retailers, Blitzn was spun-off from Fischer, a leading global exclusive corporate real estate firm known for its long-standing relationships with FedEx, IBM, Comerica Bank, Mary Kay, Alcoa, AT&T, Staples, United Rentals, Dow Jones, DuPont and others.

Retailers face many challenges in today’s competitive marketplace and few companies are equipped to help them navigate the increasingly fast changing and complex dynamics in their world. Blitzn’s team consists of some of the best real estate technologists, business strategists, and digital marketing minds in the business – so we can think about your retail business holistically.  Our technology, combined with data and business intelligence, will change the way you make decisions - and give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Blitzn allows you to integrate all of your property, sales and financial data into one company-wide repository to analyze to glean the actionable insights that will help retailers optimize their physical and digital spaces. You get real-time access to data that helps you analyze, manage and optimize your retail real estate portfolio and make effective business decisions. Whether you’re looking for performance tracking and sales forecasting, or need help managing projects, equipment, fleets, facilities or real estate transactions, we offer a full suite of configurable tools to organize, store, share and stay on top of your business-critical information.

Blitzn LLC is a SaaS business management solution that aggregates unlimited data to automate business activities using built-in lease and property administration, data-driven site selection, project management, portfolio optimization, workflow, collaboration, lease accounting and reporting features.  

“It’s no secret that the retail landscape is experiencing significant change, and the new FASB/IASB standards add another layer of complexity and urgency to a solution for retailers. Blitzn’s solid core technology has been adapted as the premier software-as-a-service platform to navigate this ‘bricks-n-clicks’ environment.”
— Gail Corder Fischer, Founder and President of Blitzn

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