Blitzn is a high-level retail real estate consulting practice. Our team of consultants perform complex portfolio analysis, strategic and tactical planning, rent forecasting, portfolio benchmarking, historical market trend and data analytics, etc. to identify the right solution for your business.  Our goal is to maximize the revenue and minimize the cost associated with your retail space. So, we can also work with you to manage your entire retail footprint to ensure you’re making the most out your locations.

Strategic Planning

Customers are more informed and connected than ever before – and they have more brands from which to choose. At Blitzn, we think about the entire omni-channel retail experience that connects physical stores to digital environments and delivers a personalized experience across the entire customer journey.  Unlike digital, which is an easily accessible, single destination, the location of your physical space has a significant impact on your chances for success.  Things like, demographics, infrastructure, traffic, rental cost, parking restrictions, etc. can have a significant impact on your revenue and profitability.  We combine years of real estate and business analytics expertise to develop detailed roadmaps for growth. Various assessments include:

  • Strategic growth planning
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • True omni-channel strategies and expansion across your physical and digital retail environments
  • Distribution strategies based on retail location and surrounding demographic data

Real Estate Planning

No matter your size, we’ll work with you to find the right location to meet your needs - from site selection, lease negotiation, terminations and renewals to construction management, risk management, and long-term portfolio monitoring and management. Our team undergoes a rigorous analytic, data-driven process, which when coupled with qualitative real life experience and expertise, provides a unique perspective on the retail landscape.

Lease Administration

Coupled with our Program & Project Management platform, Blitzn’s retail real estate teams can work with you to manage your leased and owned real estate assets, portfolio activities, cost reduction opportunities, etc.  Our team of experts will ensure that all of your data is precisely entered, analyzed and reported. Specifically, our lease administration service covers the following areas:

  • Lease income management & lease accounting
  • Renegotiation opportunities
  • Expense and reconciliation management
  • Lease abstractions
  • Critical date management
  • Contract & document management
  • Space allocation, utilization and optimization
  • Escalation audit & management
  • Property consolidation & relocation
  • Ad-hoc & manual reporting

Facility Maintenance & Management

Give your customers the retail experience they deserve with faster, more cost-effective solution to facility maintenance and maintenance issues.  Our retail real estate team will work with you to manage all of your retail locations and coordinate with the facility to make sure your needs are met.  We’ll keep track of your service requests, work orders, asset management and vendor performance so you don’t have to. 

Project Management

We have a user-friendly, intuitive project management platform, but some of our clients prefer that we function as an extension of their internal teams, working with them to manage all of their construction and build-out needs. Things like transaction management and cost containment, vendor selection, negotiation and management, construction management and timeline/budget management. In this scenario, we’ll focus on your construction needs and make sure your retail real estate projects come in on time and on budget, so you can focus on growing your business.

Connect with a member of our Blitzn business analyst team to see how we make the most of your retail locations.