Make the right strategic capital investment decisions using our innovative customer and location predictive analytics. Our tools enable you to evaluate your existing location portfolio, new market opportunities and the impact of competition – all from one platform. With Blitzn’s predictive modeling and visualization tools, you can quickly analyze your KPIs and make decisions to give your retail business a competitive advantage.

Store Portfolio & Market Optimization

Optimize your retail location portfolio and adapt to changing market conditions in retail-time to make the most of both new and existing locations. With Blitzn’s portfolio optimization tools, you can get a deeper insight and understanding of key business drivers for existing store performances to better understand how to drive sales. You can connect your market plans with predictive analytics tools to mitigate risk and maximize profitability of your retail locations.

Sales Forecasting, Redistribution & Recapture

Get a deeper insight into sales performance of your individual locations to make informed decisions about opening new locations, closing existing locations and understanding the impact on other store sales. Using Blitzn’s pro-forma analytics tools and modeling software, you get a clear picture of cash flow and return for all of your investment decisions.

Site Selection

Close on the right sites faster and bring more insight to site selection using our sales forecast models and cannibalization tools. Whether you're growing your retail footprint and store count, or rationalizing it, you can improve your retail real estate portfolio and pipeline by managing, tracking and measuring factors impacting your site opportunities with a single point of visibility.

Customer Analytics

Analyze omni-channel customer shopping patterns to maximize sales your sales by profiling customers across real estate, marketing, and merchandizing activities, both in-store and online.  By adding an overlay of data enhancements to your retail location and e-commerce data, you can quickly align your real estate strategies with changing dynamics to make better business decisions to meet consumer demand by channel.

Geospatial Location and Data Enhancements

In order to give you a competitive advantage, Blitzn has invested in exclusive relationships and developed proprietary data sets that work with your performance metrics to provide you with richer insights into the customers across your portfolio of retail locations and develop the most accurate view of your customer.  Examples of data enhancements that can be used to overlay location sales data include the following:

  • Demographic and Lifestyle Segmentation Data
  • Customer Data based on GIS and WiFi data points
  • Business and Point of Interest Data
  • Map Content
  • Traffic and Drive Time Data
  • Customer Loyalty Data

We can tap into virtually every kind of data source and aggregate the information into your personalized retail dashboard.

Franchisee Lifecycle Management

If you're business relies on a franchisee network, you need high visibility into the business. Blitzn's collaboration technology provides seamless communications between you and your franchisee network.  And the data visualization tools integrates franchise and corporate business data into a single dashboard.  

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You know your customers are increasingly choosing alternative channels for their banking transactions. More than ever, you need a powerful tool to understand and leverage the impact of your institution’s physical footprint on your business. That’s why businesses like yours trust Blitzn's technology solutions to give them the data they need—aggregated, reliable, and real-time—to make their most important real estate decisions in the face of a rapidly changing industry.

Key Capabilities

Heat Mapping

Heat Mapping

  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Visualization
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Business Process Automation
  • CRE Performance Measurement
  • Fully Configurable and Highly Intuitive

Transform raw data into real-time knowledge to gain meaningful insights, reveal hidden opportunities, and empower evidence-based decision-making. Create user-defined automated processes to assign tasks, schedule reminders, and collaborate on key findings, all while measuring budgeted versus actual performance with trending metrics, interactive dashboard reporting, geospatial analysis, and ad hoc reporting.


Geographic Performance Tracking

Geographic Performance Tracking

Blitzn's analytical dashboard quickly and easily brings together demographics and market data, branch performance, sales and service volume, customer drive time, and the adoption rates of alternative banking channels, all to analyze and predict the optimal footprint for a branch network, both today and looking ahead to the future.  Our technology platform is the key to a comprehensive real estate strategy. Use it to optimize your branch networks, operation centers, shared services locations, and corporate headquarters.

  • Profitability and Performance
  • Branch Network Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Dynamic Presentations
Data Visualization

Data Visualization


Your window into a data-driven world, our platform gives you powerful capabilities in critical aspects of branch network banking operations. Review overall performance data at the corporate level, or drill down to view individual loan officers for specific analysis of actual versus planned results. Use demographics, heat maps, quadrant analysis, and other tools to make informed decisions right now or take the guesswork out of forecasting.

Quick-to-Market Implementation & Integration

Integration costs, in both financial and personnel resources, can often be the single biggest deterrent to any new software solution. We have tackled this head-on by designing a highly-efficient approach to reduce integration costs by up to 80% when compared to similar systems.

Highly Configurable and Highly Accessible Solutions

Fields within each module are easily configurable to reflect the unique attributes specific to your business. Without any programming assistance necessary, you will be able to configure the database, tables, menus, views, and reports to fit your needs.  And you can access all of your data quickly and easily from any device.