Easily manage your retail activities, resources and partners to make sure that your projects are delivered on time and on budget. Using our online project management tools, you can organize similar projects into a single view that includes all of your development activities. Our platform allows you to coordinate all of your projects and easily manage the implementation across teams.

FASB/IASB Reporting

Our system has been reconfigured and updated to include the advanced functionality needed to bridge the gap between standard accounting systems and the new FASB/IASB regulations. The program and project management software helps you categorize your assets correctly and download the supporting documentation required for your tax reporting purposes.


Lease Analytics

Better understand your lease renewal decisions in the context of store performance, relocation opportunities, and changing market conditions using Blitzn’s lease analytics tool.  You can set strategy and empower your teams to make deals that benefit your business - and our negotiations tools will give you the insight you need to get the best deal on your lease.

Lease Accounting

Our lease accounting software was built to comply with the new FASB/IASB lease accounting standards.  Using this tool, you can complete complex rent and other financial calculations, straight line rent streams, manage and forecast accruals, automate journal entries and manage your variable expenses across locations.

Lease Management

Avoid data overload and easily track financial obligations, key clauses, options, contacts, sub-tenants and all other critical lease information in an easy-to-use system.