Easily manage your retail activities, resources and partners to make sure that your projects are delivered on time and on budget. Using our online project management tools, you can organize similar projects into a single view that includes all of your development activities. Our platform allows you to coordinate all of your projects, assign deliverables and due dates, and manage the implementation across teams and locations.  And you can set up roles-based permissions to allow your teams the right amount of access to important documents.

Project Management

Give your real estate project management an impact that is far-reaching and enhances corporate performance and profitability. This suite of tools is a common-sense solution that manages all aspects of your real estate projects and transactions and promotes a cohesive, collaborative and accountable team environment for managing multiple complex projects.

  • Seamlessly integrate with e-mail, MS Project and other third-party applications
  • Allow users to define templates and easily create a structured, replicable approach to managing all projects
  • Automate traditionally manual tasks to help expedite critical matters
  • Collaborate easily and seamlessly across teams and locations
  • Exceptions monitoring with alerts for underperforming projects

Construction Administration

Save FTE hours, easily manage appropriations and decrease costs by reducing cycle times and generating accurate, timely reports.  Our platform allows you to save time and money.

  • Monitor contracts, change orders and supplemental requests with user-friendly reports and email reminders
  • Track funding to contract commitments and payables to identify areas of expense leakage and resource inefficiency
  • Provide a central point of communication to manage multiple vendors, documents and critical information
  • Utilize metrics to manage and measure the performance of service providers
  • Secure, track and manage construction bids

Income Administration

This simplified approach to managing sub-tenant income administration is configurable and user-friendly.

  • Customize invoices and statements to fit your needs
  • Maintain transaction history on all sub-tenant billing with aging and delinquency reports
  • Compatible with third-party applications for easy access to critical information
  • Comprehensive reporting to quickly compare leased and vacant square feet, view outstanding sub-tenant balances and manage open items

Document Manager

Instant access to all of your critical real estate files gives your department a new level of accessibility while ensuring version control.

  • Secure, centralized electronic storage of documents, drawings, contracts and pictures
  • Instant access to view, edit and manage documents
  • Search and filtering capabilities to quickly find the exact document you need

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Harness powerful, ad-hoc reporting with the ability to create user-defined reports or access an extensive library of existing reports that are fully customizable.  User-friendly reporting enables you to easily gather and report on critical data.

  • Navigate and manage data directly from online, interactive spreadsheets and forms
  • Pull information from any objective and field within the system
  • Configure options for multi-layer sorting, grouping sub-total calculations, and robust filtering options
  • Calculate filters to automatically pull in the correct information based upon today's date (current month's rent, next quarters