Your business needs to move fast in order to keep pace with the consumer demands and market dynamics. Our cutting-edge technology solutions give you real-time access to performance data so you can make real-time decisions for your business. We’ve built our digital practice with the retail landscape in mind, seamlessly connecting your critical information across all channels, both online and off. So, you get exactly what you need to manage your physical and digital retail footprint and grow your business.

Our technology combines the data you already have with our high-end business intelligence platform in the most user-friendly and easily configurable interface available. 

Predictive Analytics & Forecasting

Gone are the days where retailers can look at data in excel spreadsheets. Our predictive analytics and forecasting software is arguably the most flexible and robust retail real estate software in the industry. And unlike traditional data visualization tools, our system has a powerful analytics engine that transforms raw data into real-time knowledge. Our platform is 100% configurable to meet your specific business needs and can work with an unlimited number of internal and external data sources. By centralizing all of your data into a single system with a simple, intuitive interface, Blitzn allows you to make more impactful, data-driven decisions.


Project Management

Our system manages your construction projects, leased and owned properties, schedules, tickets, budgets, and more. And with the accounting changes associated with FASB/IASB, the system organizes your information and compiles reports and documentation, making tax preparation under the new rules a seamless experience. Our project management software allows you to automate processes with real-time reporting.


Facilities Management

Protect your investment by tracking store assets, understanding maintenance responsibility and warranties, developing a better understanding of your asset history, and providing information that supports your repair-or-replace decisions.